The green-room where an actor resides when not required on the stage, so called because in practice the walls were painted green, Sir Ralph Richardson, here in his own green room at home, when asked what he does to wind down on his time off, he answered Aronson that he winds his clock. He was known, too, to smoke a pipe and to ride serenely a Norton Dominator well beyond his prime.

Andrew Marvell's thoughts in the Garden

No white nor red was ever seen
So amorous as this lovely green.
Fond lovers, cruel as their flame,
Cut in these trees their mistress' name:
Little, alas! they know or heed
How far these beauties hers exceed!
Fair trees! wheresoe'er your barks I wound,
No name shall but your own be found.


Meanwhile the mind from pleasure less
Withdraws into its happiness;
The mind, that ocean where each kind
Does straight its own resemblance find;
Yet it creates, transcending these,
Far other worlds, and other seas;
Annihilating all that's made
To a green thought in a green shade.